Spring 2018  Raffle

It's time for our annual raffle! 

Tickets are for sale for $5 each from club members, or contact us to arrange purchase.

Raffle Rules:

  1. Each ticket costs $5 and will be entered into the drawing.

  2. Three winners will be drawn at random on Sunday, 6/03/18, at the Sleigh Cup regatta in Hanover, NH.
    Winners do not have to be present to win.

  3. All tickets with the correct ice out date, as declared by the town of Amherst, will be put into the drawing.
    If the ice out date is 4/9/18 or earlier all of the tickets will be used for the drawing.  

  4. The first winner will win $250.
    The second winner will win $150.
    The third winner will win $100.

  5. Winners will be notified the following week. 
  6. If we are unable to contact the winner by June 17, 2018, another winner will be selected from the remaining  tickets.

Our fundraisers are extremely important to the club. This time we are working to earn money for sculls for our new quad.