Adult Recreational Program

This program is open to adults age 18+. No experience is necessary!

General Information:

  1. Practice Schedule:
    The typical water schedule is:
    Tuesday/Thursday, 5:30-7:30 PM
    Saturday, 7:30-9:30 AM
  2. Swim Test:
    All rowers must pass a swim test before going on the water. This consists of swimming 100 yards, treading water 10 minutes, and putting on a life jacket while treading water. (This must be passed only once for each member.)

    We will arrange one opportunity for the swim test. Outside of that, the member is responsible for finding a location with a certified lifeguard to administer and sign off on the test.

  3. Fee:

    A fundraising opportunity will be provided each season and adult rowers are required to participate.


  4. Spring Season:
    Water practice will start sometime in April, depending on when ice is out on Baboosic Lake.

    Erging (rowing machine) sessions will begin the week of 3/19/18 at Souhegan High School.